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BioVacSafe - Biomarkers for enhanced vaccines immunosafety - is a 5 years project funded by Innovative Medicine initiative (IMI).

The goal of BioVacSafe is to develop cutting edge tools to speed up and improve the testing and monitoring of vaccine safety, both before and after release to the market. By  bringing  together for the first time three of Europe's  leading  vaccine  development  and manufacture companies as well as top experts from academic institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),  the project will ultimately accelerate the development and introduction of a new generation of safer, more effective vaccines. By sharing their expertise, the BioVacSafe partners have a unique opportunity to make progress in this important area.

Project Description

On March 1st 2012 the IMI-JU funded project – Biomarkers for Enhanced Vaccine Safety (BioVacSafe) – initiated its collaborative work to develop new tools that will improve the evaluation and monitoring of vaccine immunosafety.

BioVacSafe is a public private consortium of 19 partners involving three of Europe's leading vaccine producing companies, experts from major academic institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-governmental organization (NGO) actors.

The total budget of the project is 30.2 millions of Euros and it will last for five years.

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Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to develop cutting edge tools to speed up and improve the testing and monitoring of vaccine safety, both before and after release to the market.

The three specific objectives of the project are:

• the characterization of early inflammation induced by vaccines currently on the market and the identification and validation of biomarkers of early inflammation and allergic responses;

• the identification and validation of early biomarkers of autoimmunity and their use to help identifying population at risk of developing autoimmunity;

• the analysis of the incidence and epidemiology of autoimmune disease in the general population and the link to genetic background or previous events in the life of patients, including severe effects, such as anaphylactic shock.


BioVacSafe News BioVacSafe News

5th BioVacSafe Annual meeting

The 5th BioVacSafe Annual meeting will be held in Reykjavik from 8th to 10th June 2017. All partners and the members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the project will be invited to...

Events Events

14–18th January 2017

Keystone Symposia: New Developments in Our Basic Understanding of Tuberculosis will be held on 14–18th January 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The goals of the meeting are to: 

  •  Articulate a set of priority questions and goals to guide a basic research agenda for the field;
  • Integrate successful approaches employed by leading scientists in other fields that can address knowledge gaps in immunity to tuberculosis;
  • Highlight new technical advances that make possible more sophisticated human experimental biology including defining the critical questions that need to be answered to expedite clinical advances. 

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